Journaling has been always considered as therapeutic. It helps you better understand yourself and the world around you but did you know that, the daily simple act of writing about your thoughts has a lot more mental and physical rewards? Here’s a list of how journaling can change your life:

Journaling boosts our creativity

Writing what we really feel is raw, spontaneous and true. And in that intuitive writing, in that unrestrictive, nonjudgemental condition is where we feel more free, child-like and honest. That’s where creativity stems from. Julia Cameron, bestselling author or “The Artist’s Way” attest to this fact and encourages writing every day. It’s just like brainstorming in your head, shutting up inner critics and doing a “brain dump” and see those creative thoughts flow.

Journaling can motivate you more.

Suppose you wrote a few months ago how scared and apprehensive you were of trying out a certain activity. If you’ve managed to conquer that fear and if you’ve managed to succeed in doing it, reading your progress in your journal becomes more fulfilling, pushing you more to try new things. It will motivate you more, making you think “Hey, that wasn’t bad, lets try something new again.”

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Journaling gives you new insights.

It helps you discover things in yourself, in other people or situations you never realized before. If you have a friend who consistently stresses you out, you might have not notice how toxic the relationship is becoming until you read past journal entries. You’ll be able to have a clear picture of certain patterns and behaviours that you may not notice if you didn’t write it down.

Journaling clarifies your plans

Writing down your plans, its cons and pros are essential, especialy if you need to make an important decision about your life. Journaling can help with that and more as past entries can give you an insight of similar activities and how they turned up. Your journal is a bundle of life lessons, necessary to help you clarify your plans.

Journaling makes you positive

You maybe a pessimist but detailing  all the positive things in your life, when you write the reasons why you’re grateful everyday and so on and so forth, you will eventually become a positive person. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant a positive act was, just write it down. It will become a habit for you eventually to look at the positive things instead of the negativity around you.

So when are you going to start journaling?


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