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How do you keep track of your life? How do you keep track of daily activities regarding your family, work, personal projects, budding business, garden, travel,  etc.? How do you manage your tasks and most importantly your time?

We here at Daily Notes aims to provide tips on organization, compartmentalization, tasks management, time management and even journaling, to help you keep track of your life.

We also intend to write guides on how to use our app Daily Notesin relation to keeping up and tracking and organising the different aspects of your life.

Watch below how you can use Daily Notes:


About the Daily Notes App

Organize your work notes, schedule your plans, create voice recordings, add to-do lists, keep a journal and more on Daily Notes.

daily notes_journal_voice recorder_reminder_iPad_1


daily notes_journal_voice recorder_reminder_iPad_1

Think of a Franklin Planner but with enhancements such as voice recorder, tasks lists, memo organizer, journal/ diary, notebook and more. Take note of your thoughts, actions, improvements and even to-do lists on Daily Notes.


daily notes_journal_voice recorder_reminder_iPad_1


daily notes_journal_voice recorder_reminder_iPad_1


daily notes_journal_voice recorder_reminder_iPad_1

The app is organised as a set of tabs, which acts as folders. Each tab has a page for every day. Create tabs for various aspects of your life. For each tab, you can add notes, to-do lists, voice recordings, PDFs, photos, sketches & more.

Download Daily Notes here. ($5.99 only)


If you’re looking for a powerful combination of handwriting app, download the Ultimate Note Taking Pack that has both Daily Notes and Noteshelf. Noteshelf is the best available handwriting iPad app, making you feel as if you’re writing using a real pen and paper rather than a stylus and an iPad.

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  1. Horse Crazy TN

    July 10, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    Hi there! I’m enjoying Daily Notes! I do have a need that many other people may express. I want it to access my native iPad and iPhone calendar. I have been taking notes on my events and have been told by some experts that they can disappear! So, is there something I’m missing in the instructions that allows this?
    Many thanks!

  2. Daily Notes Team

    July 13, 2015 at 10:07 am

    Hi Horse Crazy TN, glad you’re enjoying Daily Notes! I’m not sure where you’ve heard it from but your notes wouldn’t be lost as long as syncing is done correctly and is working fine. Whatever data you might have on your iPad, you’ll also have it on your iPhone as long as you sync it.

    For any issues, just send us our support team an email or check out our support portal below for more info. Hope that helps!


  3. Hi, been using your app for years! Now that iPhone version is available, the app is even better and iCloud sync is great idea.

    However, I have somewhat sensitive data in my DailyNotes, and would like to keep it encrypted while it is at rest in iCloud. I know that iCloud encrypts, but they keep the keys. Would it be possible to introduce key-based encryption to the sync process, i.e. I will be entering key on all my devices for the sync to work… And the data will be encrypted using my key.


  4. Hi.
    I purchased Daily Notes +Todo back in 2011 and now, after updating to iOS9 I lost every app and when going to reinstall I don’t see it in the purchased list.
    How can I redeem it.

  5. Hello!
    I’ve been using the Daily Notes app for over two years as a journal, and it works marvelously! However, since the update yesterday it crashes within ten seconds of opening every time I open it. I’ve never had a problem before, but I really need to have access to my journal app… I’m contacting you this way because I can’t open the app long enough to email support through the app and I couldn’t find an email address anywhere else.
    I just figured that I should let you know, and please correct this quickly if you can! Let me know.

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