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Tips on How to Plan a Stress-Free Family Vacation

Vacations can go one of two ways; for the planner they can be ironically stressful and vice versa for the others tagging along. If you are the unintended planner, it can be quite a feat to pull off without pulling your hair out, especially if you’re planning for a large group or your picky family members.
Worry not, you just need careful planning and preparation.

Plan it months ahead.
It will give you ample time to look for promotions and deals online. Plus you can save more for your vacation.

Figure out a realistic budget.
Come up with a number and try to stick to it. Don’t go out splurge and exclaim “sky’s the limit!” You still need to pay for your regular bills, rent and such after you go back from your vacation so take note of that.

Have a theme activity in mind.
Find activities that the whole can family can enjoy and stick to that. Do they love swimming? Are they nature lovers? Would they prefer trekking in exotic places? Think of the wants of the majority and not only what you want on your vacation.

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How to Organize Your Life with Daily Notes

Becoming organized has never been more important especially at this fast paced, multi-tasking life. The overwhelming everyday schedules and the occasional impromptu events seems more manageable, giving you more control on how to handle your time and bringing you closer to your goals. It leads to more productivity, less stress and more time for yourself and your family.

Daily Notes can help you get organized. Here’s how:

Organize Your Life: Categorize
Start by thinking about the different aspects of your life and separating them by “Tabs” in Daily Notes. Tabs are like folders, where you can organize your notes, photos, sketches, PDFs and even audio recordings.

Below are a few examples for Tabs:

  • Create a Tab for work, where you can place all your meeting notes, project documents and client meeting recordings.

daily notes_voice recording app_journal app_to-do list app

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How to Reduce Paper Clutter

Want to get rid of all those paper cluttering your home and office? We bring you tips & techniques on how to go paperless in your daily life:

Use a note taking app. Do you constantly want to lug around several, heavy notebooks? Just use one, neat compact device, say an iPhone or iPad and use that to create and store all your notebooks via the Ultimate Note Taking Pack. For handwritten notes, you can turn to Noteshelf. For days when you don’t feel like writing, record those lectures or meetings using Daily Notes.

Noteshel note taking best handwriting ipad app

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