20 Ways to Use Daily Notes

You think Daily Notes is only for note taking, voice recording and listing reminders? Here’s some personal insights from our users on how they fully utilize Daily Notes:

1. Personal project organizer
Stumbled on it and fell in love ★★★★★

by CMD925 – Version – 8.2 – Apr 5, 2015

“I accidentally stumbled across this app browsing apps and installed it. In no time flat I found myself using it incessantly and relying on it for reminders, memory jotters , recording ideas, memorialize events, and a menu of other things. Easy, well organized with more customizations than I’ve ever seen (paid version) I’m still in love with this app after 4 months of use.”


2. Time management program

daily notes_time management

3. Business manager

Best note app – using it for work ★★★★★

by mdowman – Version – 4.0 – Nov 19, 2011

“Wow, what a terrific app! I have been using paper versions of this for 10+ years thinking that there really was no option. I’ve down loaded a kinds of apps just to be disappointed. This is the ultimate in getting organized and keeping it simple. I use separate tabs for projects, service, office, employees, accounting and then can have separate tasks for each area and still can see all tasks at once and in priority/date/time order. Keep up the great work.”


4. Daily work journal/ Client meeting notes

daily notes app_journal_voice recorder_to-do list_3


5. Life organizer

Nervous at First but Blown away! ★★★★★

by AE5280 – Version – 8.1 – Feb 14, 2015

“First I NEVER write reviews… But this App is so amazing I just had to put my view out there. To say that my life is chaotic is an understatement and I needed something that I could use to manage all my reminders, notes, images, locations, thoughts, basically BI software for a personal life….. And I think I have finally found it! I can enter everything I need / want to remember and integrate across many different tools to get there. Bravo!! Please keep growing and keep adding your architecture is awesome and I have been waiting for this exact tool for a long time.”


6. Project management program



7. Personal diary
My Favorite go-to app! ★★★★★

“by Pal_jar – Version – 8.2 – Feb 28, 2015

Daily Notes is one stable, solid app. Have been using it since it first launched & it replaces my Franklin Covey diary and beats any other productivity app hands down. And with the Audio Recording feature in place now, it can’t get any better than this! Am LOVING it!!”


8. School lecture notes
Excellent app ★★★★★

by Shadow 1959 – Version – 8.1 – Jan 27, 2015

“newest update is awesome!! I love being able to finally see my notes in folders and separate notable tabs. I’ve enjoyed this app for some time now but the latest improvements definitely added the cherry on top. I’m a full time college student and this app is a definite reccommend from me from saving lecture notes to recording audio right into the typed notes and individual images this app is amazing.”


9. Daily log report

daily notes app_journal_voice recorder_to-do list_6


10. Photo archive

A Great Archiving Tool ★★★★★

by ChrisK4242 – Version – 8.2 – Mar 27, 2015

“For the sake of sped I keep manual daily notes on a “whiteboard notebook” and then store photos of the notes under the appropriate day. I manually enter key words and can search them later and review the photos for details. Daily Notes works great for this purpose.”


11. Memo app

My dream come true ★★★★★

by Bu’s – Version – 8.2 – Mar 9, 2015

“Since buying my first iPhone, I’ve slowly accumulated close to 50 notes in the default yellow “Notes” app. It contained everything from hymn lyrics to gardening tips to airline reward numbers to meal plans. I finally decided to sit down and see if there was something better in the app world that would allow me to group my notes by topic. Daily Notes is exactly what I was looking for. Imagine actually having a clear way to remind myself of the topic I made a note for to remember in the first place! Before that, they were written down but too buried in the growing list of unable-to-be-organized notes for me to stop and sift through. Thank you creators!”


12. Sermon compiler

daily notes app_journal_voice recorder_to-do list_7


13. Personal planner
Very helpful app! ★★★★

by Bix7272 – Version – 6.5 – May 15, 2014

“I have used Daily Notes for a couple of years. The functionality it provides has allowed me to retire my Franklin Planner. It is my most important app on my iPad.”


14. Task management program

I love this App ★★★★★

by Note Taker #99 – Version – 6.7 – Aug 30, 2014

“I finally found an app that allows me to enter multiple task lists for the multiple facets of my life. It allows me to enter tasks by client, kids sports team, volunteer organization, etc… and then view them in a master list or by tab. Add to that the ability to keep daily notes for each of those groups and/or maybe a simple food diary…Fantastic!!!”


15. Event organizer

Very good App ★★★★

by Loringp – Version – 6.7 – Aug 28, 2014

“Great way to track events and work.”


16. Daily health log

daily notes app_journal_voice recorder_to-do list_8


17. Gardening log

I use this everyday ★★★★★

by TonyRBD – Version – 6.5 – May 11, 2014

“A tab for work, a tab for personal, a tab for the garden….everything in its place and easy to find if I need it. Thanks!”


18. Record management

Perfect for my need ★★★★★

by Mom 6X – Version – 5.4 – Jan 9, 2014

“I wanted an app that I could use for keeping record of homeschooling for multiple children. This is perfect for me! I can have a tab for each child, record his/her work for each day, and also have the work connected to a time frame. I like that I can also attach photos for specific children for projects and field trips. With this app, I am able to keep track of which days work was completed and also have totals recorded. The only thing I really need now is a desktop application.”


19. Personal/ Travel journal

Love this app! ★★★★★

by Palmer1966 – Version – 5.4 – Dec 15, 2013

“Being a scrapbooker and memory keeper, this app works wonderful for daily journaling, photo a day challenges, December daily and my gratitude journal.”


20. Home organizer

Best app purchase ever ★★★★★

by mrsjtc – Version – 4.0 – Nov 7, 2011

“I’m a homeschooling mom of 4 busy kids and this is the best app I’ve found for keeping EVERYTHING organized. Our lesson plans, my budget, weekly menus, my personal journal, a running to do list for each day – it’s perfect. I love the customizable colors and fonts. This is a great app. I would LOVE to see a sync capability with Google calendar. That would put it over the top for me.”



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  1. Hey guys, I LOVE Daily notes… when is it going to have Apple Watch Support? 🙂 I am in the Military and use regularly to help keep me on track with tasks, meeting notes and reminders. So helpful whenyou have a dozen or more tasks and projects goingon at the same time. Thanks guys, the only thing that I can see making it better is… Apple Watch support.

    • Daily Notes Team

      June 30, 2015 at 11:08 am

      Hey thanks browneye, we’re glad you love Daily Notes! 🙂 We’d take a look into that and if enough people requests it in our ideas portal, we’ll probably consider it for future updates. Cool suggestion, thanks again!

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    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the
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