Traveling enriches our life more than purchasing material things. It can bring us inspirational tales and what-of-a-kind experiences that will open our minds and widen our views of the world.

That’s why a lot of people loves to document their adventures. Aside from the colorful memories it brings, a travel journal enables us to review and notice details that we might have missed before and to remember a lesson or two. It’s a great way to reminisce and swap stories with travel buddies or sharing your adventures with families and friends.

Starting a travel journal doesn’t have to be your typical log of daily trips and first time experiences. Here’s some tips on what you can write to make your travel journal more interesting:


Write based on the five senses: what you see, smell, taste, touch and hear. 

Elaborate more if you want to remember the feeling and sensation of being there in that specific place. It will be helpful when you read again your journal a few years from now. Photos are a must and if you’d like to remember the ambiance of a marketplace, the music from mosque, the noise of the beach and more, then add a voice recording.

Daily Notes lets you add a voice recording to your notes by tapping on the audio icon on the bottom toolbar.


Write reviews.

It can be a restaurant review, a hotel rating, feedback on a museum, an opinion on rituals and traditions of a country. Make your reviews more vivid by keeping receipts, tickets, business cards, newspaper clippings, boarding pass, coins etc. Annotate them and attach them to your notes.

Take pictures and attach them to your notes in Daily Notes. Tap on the + icon on the bottom toolbar and simply select Add Photo. To annotate pics, choose Attach Sketch, insert a photo then use the sketching tools.  

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Write down what you feel. 

A travel journal doesn’t have to be happy and full of delightful adventures at all times. Write like you’d write in a personal journal. Dump your travel worries, anxieties, grumbles, rants and complains. Stay true to what you really feel to bring authenticity to your travel. Write what you were expecting, what you wrongly assumed, what it brought you and what you got out of it. Record things that made you both sad and happy. You might learn a lesson or two from it.

Highlight, bold and italicise items in journal with Daily Notes.


Write about people.

Aside from the place, the people are the most fascinating part of the travel. They will surely have different views, mannerisms, nuances and more. Even those considered the lowliest in their class will have an interesting take in your journal. Make them larger than life in your writing. Write about the homeless man selling trinkets, how he looked like, what you think his background is and how the other locals reacted to him.


Write conversations.

It can be a funny story between friends at a cafe shop. It can be a hilarious anecdote from a fruit seller. It can be a heated yet amusing exchange at a taxi stand. These are conversations you’d never typically hear an everyday basis. Their fleeting nature makes them a precious, golden piece in your travel journal.

You might think its quite a lot of work but when you randomly open a page and start reading your journal, it would be worth it, especially on Daily Notes, where you see lighted up calendar dates, indicating journal entries. Tagging your notes will also be helpful, especially if someone asks about a contact information of specific store in a country you’ve visited. You can easily search it in Daily Notes using the tag function.

Do you have other tips on making a livelier travel journal? Do tell us in the comments below.


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