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Daily Notes 8.5 Improves Search and Outline

Daily Notes latest release will make it easy for you to search any keyword in your Daily Notes entries,  via the iOS 9 Spotlight Search.

Just type in a keyword and related Daily Notes entries would immediately appear in the search results.

daily notes spotlight search

Tap to view it instantly.
daily notes spotlight search


Outlining has also been improved, with numbering and indentation support for iPad users.

daily notes outline

Plus we’ve got a brand new support portal! 


You can download the new version of Daily Notes here.
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Stay Focused and Productive

Multi-tasking has become a passé when it comes to finishing more tasks. An article for the Harvard Business Review has noted down its disadvantage. Multi-tasking makes you less competent in your work, more distracted and less productive.

There are other ways of accomplishing more tasks that doesn’t entail you losing focus and even losing precious time with your family and friends. Here are a few tips:

Decide on what not to do.

People usually start with a to-do lists to start their day. But that is not usually followed as there will be distractions that are beyond our control. Ignoring unnecessary or less urgent tasks is equally important as prioritising and focusing on what matters. Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerbeg and man of the hour, Elon Musk, all adhere to this principle. They only give precious time for tasks meant to accomplish one specific goal.

Try batching

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How to Transfer your data from your Old iPad to a New iPad in Daily Notes

You may have finally bought that new iPad you were eyeing for months. You want to discard your old iPad, give it away or sell it but first, you would have to transfer all its data to the new iPad.  You would have to transfer songs, movies, ebooks and a lot more, but if you’re looking to transfer your Daily Notes data from your old iPad to your new iPad, here’s how to do it:

Make sure that you’re both logged in to your iCloud account in both your new and old iPad

Make sure that both your new and old iPad has the same iOS version.

  1. Turn to your old iPad and open up Daily Notes then tap on “Settings” located beside the bottom toolbar on your iPad.
  2. Tap the Sync tab.
  3. Enable “Sync”
  4. Then tap on the iCloud icon.

daily notes app_journal app


Then turn to your new iPad and do the same said instructions.

Note that you can also do the same for iPad to iPhone and vice versa.


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How to Learn Any Skill

Learning a new skill is essential for one’s personal growth. Be it speaking a different language, developing a new app, cooking a great meal or whatsoever, developing a new skill can take you to mental and physical highs, especially if you’ve mastered it. For some, learning a skill is quite laborious, at times painful. It’s never easy but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences ever.

Here are tips on how to learn any skill without it being a tedious process:

1. Focus on the process, not the outcome.

Heard about the expression “It’s the journey that counts, not the destination.”? It practically applies to this philosophy. Once you start focusing on the outcome, you become more negative, judgement nit picky. Your every mistake and flaw is amplified, hampering your progress. But once you start focusing on the the day by day process of learning and methodology, you become more immersed in the activity. You feel more present and you will actually learn more than pointedly and frequently looking at the endgame.

Write down your daily experience in Daily Notes. You can easily sort and look through your activities and patterns on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

2015-05-19 15.28.30 
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How to Write an Interesting Travel Journal

Traveling enriches our life more than purchasing material things. It can bring us inspirational tales and what-of-a-kind experiences that will open our minds and widen our views of the world.

That’s why a lot of people loves to document their adventures. Aside from the colorful memories it brings, a travel journal enables us to review and notice details that we might have missed before and to remember a lesson or two. It’s a great way to reminisce and swap stories with travel buddies or sharing your adventures with families and friends.

Starting a travel journal doesn’t have to be your typical log of daily trips and first time experiences. Here’s some tips on what you can write to make your travel journal more interesting:


Write based on the five senses: what you see, smell, taste, touch and hear. 
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