There’s something therapeutic about unloading on a blank page and just telling an inanimate object about what you really feel. Writing about yourself is a cathartic experience, it’s a frightening yet powerful activity that helps us understand ourselves better.

Frightening in a sense that, you will slowly come to understand what you really are and how you really feel. It gives you clarity, making you truthful and vulnerable to the things that you have been denying yourself for so long. You can’t escape your mind so you’re forced to deal with them by trying to understand yourself and how to handle the situation.

That in itself is also its power. That’s why journaling has become such a popular activity. Countless articles has touted the health benefits of journaling and we agree on all points especially on the following:


1. You are better connected with yourself. 

Self awareness is necessary for self improvement and when you understand yourself better, when you are aware of who you really are, adapting to life changes seems much easier. Everyone is different. We all have unique personalities, attitudes, strengths, weaknesses, motivations, beliefs, etc. What applies to one doesn’t necessary apply to another. If a particular routine is working for your friend, that doesn’t mean that it will work on you. So the best way to deal with is to understand how your emotions, how you work then adapt to a way more suited for you.

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2. It can bring you to your senses.

You might have been struggling with some issues mentally, you’ve already asked friends and loved ones for advices but ultimately you will still have the make the final decision. Write it all down. Write down all the pros and cons, write down all the reasons you can think of or just simply, write down all the feelings and frustrations. You may not necessarily find the right answer but it will help you keep focus on what really matters and it will lighten up your emotional and mental load.


3.  You can track your personal growth.

You probably would laugh at the things you did when you were young but that’s what change does to you. It brings you life lessons, it gives you history, it facilitates personal growth. Taking note of your life experiences in paper gives you that. It helps you track your progress, it makes you see things from another perspective in another time, it makes you aware of your mistakes and it helps you become a better person.

What do you want to achieve through journaling? Tell us in the comments below.


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