Mastering time management will make a big difference not only in your work life but also in your personal one as well. It’s a ongoing process that would require discipline, commitment and of course, the right tools.

You can actually create your very own time management system right in Daily Notes by doing the following:

Compartmentalize your activities or goals.
Create a Tab for each aspect of your life or goals. Label them accordingly, eg. make a tab for your goals: Lose Weight. Create another tab for your Work. A third one for your Projects and so on and so forth.

List down all your tasks.
In each Tab, list down every recurring and new tasks you have. For eg.  On monday, under the Lose Weight tab, list down your gym schedule. Then for your Work tab, list down a client meeting. For your Project tab, list down the task of writing a new blog article.

List all your to-do’s and reminders in the Tasks screen in each Tab. Add every single tasks you have, no matter how small they are. Give them a due date, set them if they’re recurring, give them a priority and add a reminder. Try also to add some notes per tasks just so you have some added reference for the week. Take note of the hours you spent in each activity, any distractions and such. And remember to always categorize them under the necessary Tabs.

Review your activities.
Remember to check completed tasks so you can review your activities by the end of the week. You can do so by going on the Tasks tab and tapping on the boxes next to your tasks. All checked tasks will automatically go to the Completed Tasks filter. Always update this screen so as to check if you still have any pending tasks.

Start planning.
By the end of the week, you’ll be able to gauge how much time you’ve allotted for every tasks, making it easier for you to sort and arrange those to-do list that needs to be really prioritized and those that needs to take the back seat or those that are not really urgent but are equally important as well. You’ll also be able to identify the things you need to do to achieve your goals or or take care of each aspect of your life. Start putting in  your tasks, plans, schedules, events and activities for the following weeks and even months, right on Daily Notes.

From then on, you just need to be consistent in listing down all your your activities for the day to be able to be able to do more. Stay disciplined and committed and we hope this system will work well for you.

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