Finishing important tasks creates a feeling of accomplishment, giving you more motivation to plough through the secondary projects and lesser requirements.

Prioritize tasks by organising its urgency and scope. Lay it out on a paper or for a more convenient way, log it in Daily Notes.

On Daily Notes, you can prioritize tasks, from low, medium and high. You can also easily what needs to be finished for the day, when is its due date and those that are pending. You can easily move a tasks around, depending on its urgency and your schedule.

Work on one task one at a time and you will be amazed at how much you’re getting done for the day. As you go through your list and listing off those that are already finished, you will feel more effective and more motivated.

You’ll also feel relieved as you go along your tasks, finishing them off one by one. In time, you’ll come to view the checking off your tasks as somewhat an unburdening of the daily responsibilities you have for the day, giving you the satisfaction and confidence that you were able to finish them. You’ll be able to think better, giving you more time to contemplate on your accomplishments, giving your better insights on how to do your work faster and better.


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