Preparing for day ahead starts with a plan. Effectively managing one’s time in this fast paced world is a precious skill that only the most organised and the most productive have ever mastered. Learning how to do it right takes time but you can start off surely but surely by planning your day digitally using Daily Notes.

1. Take note of your regular tasks. 

It’s quite an obvious step but giving some thought on what you really do on a daily basis can be a big help in organising your schedule. So lists all the work, tasks, responsibilities that you can think of.

Open up your Daily Notes and tap on the slider arrow on the left to view your Calendar. Choose a date for your tasks and start writing your notes and even add in a title.

To add more titled notes, just tap on the Notes icon located at the bottom toolbar, next to the Search icon.


2. Categorize your tasks.

Your day doesn’t only involve work plans, job errands and related items. The personal aspects of your life should also be considered, such as having time for your family, doing the groceries, paying bills on time, taking your medicines, catching up with a colleague, exercising, blog ideas, your kid’s school, home repairs and more. Consider these as you create multiple tabs in Daily Notes.

To create a new tab, just tap on Settings gear located at the bottom right. Type in a caption e.g.. Work and even customise a colour, title and body font style for your tab. You can also arrange your tab’s placement by tapping on the Move Up and Move Down icon.

To add in a new tasks, make sure you can see the Calendar – Tasks Flap by tapping on the small slider arrow on the left. Tap +Add on the bottom and start typing in your task.


3. Review your available hours.

is it possible for you to finish all those tasks in one day or would it be better to break them down in a week or so? Listing down so many to-do things for the day and trying to accomplish all of them is actually a draining experience that will eventually lead to you being unproductive and managing your time poorly. Breaking down tasks in bits and pieces and spreading them over a week or so to finish is actually more helpful in the long run.

Take the time to plan your day to be able to effectively manage your time and actually do more, with Daily Notes.

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