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An Excellent & Aesthetic Workhorse

Have trouble remembering the decision path? What your sales team said 2 weeks ago? What the issue is that needs to be solved for one of dozens of clients and products? Points you wanted to remember from our reading?

I recommend this app as a standard tool for everyone who has dialogues, meeting notes and decisions that need to be remembered and retrieved. I use it everyday, throughout the day in my management of 3 departments and keep track of progress, discussions and decisions across multiple projects.The power is in the easy capture and easy review.
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Farewell Franklin Planner

Hi Daily Notes, where the hell were you all my digital life!

No, seriously, it feels this app was designed specifically for me. I was a big fan of Franklin Planners and have used them for years to organize my overly busy life to get back into focus. They are great and I still love them but come one, it is the 21st century and wanted to go digital where ever possible. Daily Notes does it perfectly for me.

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The Perfect Task Management App

“I gave this 5 stars. I work in IT and I work on several projects and initiatives and this app has helped me stay on top of everything.

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